Eris bakes: What could be more chaotic than a teenager in the kitchen?

{December 9, 2012}   Chicken Doodle Soup

Ages ago….a few months I found a homemade 6 ingredient chicken noodle soup recipe in some food magazine probably Taste of Home.

Well, I tried it on Thursday, which may have been a bad idea for me to cook on my busiest night, and it said it only took 1 hour to make but its made in spurts so I could start and stop and it’d be fine. I got home from book club and started working on dinner, I thought it’d be maybe 45 minutes, well the chicken wasn’t cooked all the way and so I had to re-boil that, and then I had to de-bone it and tear it into chunks but it came out in strips-oh well-and then I had to cut up the carrots and let them boil until nearly soggy and then add the peas and the chicken and then let it heat up. By that time everybody was starving, I was close to crying, and it didn’t seem worth it.

But it tasted okay, it was way too oily, definitely needs tweaking: less water, more carrots, more peas, different noodles, more salt, more pepper-considering I didn’t put any of the last two in that didn’t surprise me.

But all in all pretty good for my first time making soup from scratch.


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