Eris bakes: What could be more chaotic than a teenager in the kitchen?

{October 28, 2012}   The Almost Disaster

Today-well right now-I’m making whoopie pie cookie…everything was going great until the flour. I had the wonderful luck of not having a clean 1 cup measuring cup, so I had to use the 1/2 cup measuring cup, no big deal, 2.5 cups is just 5 half cups…well I lost count and since I couldn’t remember put another half cup in…I’m mixing it in and the “dough” in the bowl looks awfully dry…here’s the almost disaster. I mixed in the salt and the baking powder, I paused however before putting in the grated apples, these were my only apples and I don’t feel like leaving the house. So I pulled the bag of flour out of the pantry and measured the flour again…it confirmed that the amount of flour in the mixing bowl was correct so I continued mixing in ingredients and the first sheet of cookies are in the oven.

Fingers crossed they’ll turn out okay.


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